Text Blast™

Putting Your Brand Directly In Touch With Your Customers.

Text Blast™ is the tool you need to deliver those important announcements, share information regarding brand new product lines, and encourage customers to go through with impulse buys all to keep your customers in-the-know. The Text Blast™ SMS platform puts your brand directly in touch with customers by delivering texts to their phone.

Text Blast™: What Do We Do?

Text Blast’s primary focus is helping your business communicate and converse more efficiently with your customers. We are well aware of how crucial communication is for promoting company growth, and Text Blast will ensure that your brand is forever in the minds of your consumers.

By using the Text Blast platform, you can plant the seeds of promotions, deals, coupons and more by simply sending a text. This message arrives in the text inbox of anyone who has previously opted in for marketing communications, meaning you can continue to reach them even if they have not engaged for a while.

If you are looking at a way to open up dependable communication channels with existing and new customers, the Text Blast service is the way to do so.

What Are the Benefits of an SMS marketing platform?

You may already be aware of how many large companies employ mass text services to boost their marketing campaigns, and there is a reason why they do so. It is proven to increase profits and be effective in enhancing engagement while providing additional benefits. Here are the three main things you can expect from working with Text Blast.

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We Provide High SMS Delivery Volume

Text Blast™ has the potential to distribute a vast amount of messages at one time. We can send bulk texts towards a variety of contacts regardless of the size of your contact list, as long as they have accepted marketing communications. Even though the workload may be significant, Text Blast™ has the tools to cope with it. We can also use local phone numbers to find the best and highest response rate.

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It’s Easy to Use

Ease of use is a massive thing regardless of what service you are using. The Text Blast™ interface is full of vibrant images, text, and features that ensure easy navigation and is ideal for whatever marketing needs your company has without needing to undergo laborious training programs to get to grips with it.

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Pricing is always something you n3eed to consider when 4running a business, and the competitive and reasonable pricing that comes with the Text Blast™ service ensures that your profit margins remain intact. Text Blast™ rates boast superb value for money, starting at just $20/month and our service stretches across 80 countries.

With Over 2000 Integrations, Text Blast™ Delivers Superior Text Marketing Like No Other

Tedious Processes Are No More With Automation and Text Blast’s Zapier Integration

Everybody knows that time and money are endlessly intertwined, and this is no different when it comes to running a business. However, too many companies waste this precious and valuable time by failing to automate their tedious business processes. What you need is an automation integration that does everything for you, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the essential parts of your business. 

Text Blast™ makes this possible, and you can use it to streamline everyday text marketing through the innovative Zapier Integration. Through this, you can create practical action steps linked to your CRM, webform, and others to trigger the Mass Text Services and deliver the right SMS to whichever contact group you need.

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Text Blast™ Pricing Plans

What Are The Benefits When Choosing Straight To Voicemail™?

United States

Send more than 1 million messages per month? We have a plan for you. Contact us!


9.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


No Monthly Commitment
Fund Your Account
$ 50
Add More Anytime
Additional Messages
Per Message


2.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
1,587 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.9 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
11,628 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.7 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
25,641 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.5 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
57,143 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.4 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
121,212 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


1.2 ¢ Per Message
(Voicemail and SMS)


Monthly Recurring Subscription
Gives You
275,862 messages
Per Month
Additional Messages
Per Message


as low as
$ 0.004 Per Message
(Rates Vary By Tier)

$ 100+

Minimum Monthly Commitment
Perfect For
High Volume
Bring Your Own
SIP Trunks

Why Do Millions of Businesses Choose Text Blast™? Find Out Here!

Why Choose Text Blast™?

Any business owner, regardless of industry, is faced with operating in an ever oversaturated market, and this means that competition is higher than ever. Text message marketing is certainly the most effective option for you to spread the word and connect with your customers, and it’s something that not enough businesses are doing. You can take advantage of this and stand out amongst your competitors.

You don’t want to fill consumer inboxes with spam emails that will be ignored, deleted, or both. Instead, use the benefits of Text Blast to ensure that existing and future customers get all the information they need directly to their phone. Text message marketing provides the large-scale reach of TV, radio, or billboards without costing as much, and you can get it started within minutes. 

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Creating a Text Blast™ Campaign is Easy

  • Create Your Content
  • Set Up a Delivery Schedule
  • Check The Analytics to Look for Improvements

The Powerful Features Text Blast™ Provides

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Local Number Pooling

To ensure you get in touch and spread the word to as many people as possible, our local number pooling service will increase the response rate by sending texts to people by matching the area code. This isn’t all, though. We also monitor the health of the number pool and rotate new local numbers when the service demands it, ensuring you maximise delivery rate, responses, sales, and conversions.

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Easy-to-Read and Understand Analytics

Analytics is always an essential aspect of improving your marketing strategy. Text Blast™ provides detailed information regarding delivered messages, inbound texts and calls, and also identifies which carriers are blocking your messages.

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One-to-One Conversation

Use the Text Blast™ conversation thread to engage more directly with your customers and improve consumer satisfaction while also building trust. You can personalise messages to specific customers and also create canned messages to respond to frequently asked questions such as pricing or delivery locations.

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Drip Delivery

To prevent your sales team becoming overwhelmed with extensive response rates coming in all at once, our drip delivering feature schedules SMS deliveries through the day. Instead of sending everything out at once, it instead trickles the number of texts sent, which allows your sales team to deal with each response individually and with the proper amount of care. It also does not allow hourly messages to exceed a specific limit.

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Interactive Voice Response

Customers may call you back in response to a message, but you can’t be at the phone 24/7. However, an IVR system will ensure you still appear professional and provide all the information your customers need regarding opening hours when they need to call back.

sms call forwarding

SMS and Call Forwarding

SMS and Call Forwarding features allow customers to respond directly to messages you have sent via their own message or over the phone, but it also prevents them from accessing your phone number. While you want to promote your business, you also want to ensure your privacy, and these features make that possible.

Why Do Millions of Businesses Choose Text Blast™? Find Out Here!

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From Frequently Asked Questions to immediate feedback, the SMS autoresponder is an essential feature to have. It allows you to create automated text responses by recognising keywords to save you and your customers time chasing answers and clarification.

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Multimedia Messaging Services will add extra pomp and appeal to your marketing efforts. You can add pictures and videos to entice customers further and encourage them to use your service.

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Text Blast™ allows you to connect SMS to CRM and sales workflows, and this will provide the SMS service with more than 2000 integrations.

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Bulk Contact Uploading

Uploading contacts in bulk by integrating Text Blast™ with your existing CRM and lead generation software will save precious time and energy. As the system is so advanced, we can upload millions of contacts and even cope with complex international numbers and conversions.

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Global Delivery Capability

The worldwide scope of modern business is never something to ignore. As Text Blast™ operates in over 80 countries, you can ensure that your news, deals, and information reaches every customer regardless of whether they are across the street or over the oceans.

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The open API nature of Text Blast™ means you can handle high volumes of SMS sending to all customers and clients and also allows you to cope with Ringless Voicemail messages.

Did you know?

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If you want to enhance your marketing efforts and stay ahead of your competition, Text Blast™ is an affordable and efficient way to market whatever you need. It comes complete with a variety of vital tools to guarantee a profitable campaign, including lead generation that you can add to your email campaigns and platforms with the chance for clients to opt-in.
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There are 56 million text messages sent collectively every single month, and these are done with a 98% open rate. While social media, internet, and TV marketing are still popular and effective, SMS marketing and communication allows your business to spread your message without seeming overbearing, allowing customers to respond when they are ready.

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Why Do Millions of Businesses Choose Text Blast™? Find Out Here!