TextBlast closed down on November 2, 2014. If your'e looking for an alternative, we recommend cel.ly.
Text Blast is a free application that allows community groups to communicate with their followers using mass text messages. Similar to a mailing list, Text Blast lets you create groups of cell phone numbers and send a message to all of them at once, looping in members of your community who do not have or do not use email, and being a more immediate means of communication for those who do.

For example:
To 107 Recipients: Reminder: The Frankford Civic Association is meeting at 7pm tonight at Aria Hospital -- See you there! about a minute ago

How it [used to] work
  • Register a user account
  • Create a group, e.g. Frankford Civic Association (you can have multiple groups in your account)
  • Add recipient phone numbers to your group. Alternatively, tell people to subscribe themselves (e.g. "Text fca to (215) 987-5414 to subscribe")
  • Blast a text message to the whole group or individually, and see the replies as they come in!